Richmond Irrigation Technician

Finding a Richmond VA Irrigation Specialist

Richmond Irrigation Technician

The output of your gardening activities, lawn, small scale or large-scale farming ventures will be determined by kind and status of your irrigation systems. At some point of you have such a project, or you are at least planning on investing in one, you will require the services of a Richmond Irrigation Technician. Here are some pointers regarding some of the service offered by certified irrigation technicians, their qualifications and tips on finding the right technician for the job.


Services Provided By an Irrigation Technician
A Certified Richmond Irrigation Technician is a professional or field technician with qualifications to provide services in installation, repair, and maintenance of irrigation systems and their components.  9 out of 10 times, the specialist will have an extensive background in plumbing and/or landscaping. They are technicians with sound knowledge and experience required to work on piping systems, water sprinklers, water pumps, drips, and other systems of irrigation water delivery components. They provide maintenance checks and troubleshoot flaws, conducting repair where appropriate. In case you need your irrigation systems replaced, an irrigation technician is to whom you should refer to. However, some of them also specialize with other services such as lawn and garden maintenance and installation. Additionally, they have extended knowledge on components for prevention of back flow, hydraulics, mechanical and electrical irrigation system components as well as their controls.

Qualifications of an Irrigation Technician
Depending on the region or area you come from, qualification credentials for CIT may differ. Visit for more information on certification requirements.  However, only a high school diploma is required in many places alongside an up-to-date irrigation technician exam certification for such as professional to be considered qualified. Such a certification is mostly issued to the technician once they satisfy criteria required in their regions. These include passing the technician exam after about 6 months of Irrigation Technician Training course and field experience as well as having complied with the code of ethics specific to the area. In some places, the certification is valid for one year while it may take two years in some areas before the technician is required to renew their license.

How to Find a Qualified Irrigation Technician
When looking for a Richmond irrigation technician, there are a few things to consider:

Research – First and foremost, start by conducting research by asking neighbors and friends.   But also, don’t hesitate to check online listings for available certified irrigation technicians in your local area.

Contact Prospective Technicians – You should have a checklist of things to look for in them, as these will help you during your selection. Contact about 3 that you consider potential hires and request to meet them in person. Your work should be easier if they come from a reputable irrigation services provider.

Have a Talk with Them – Whether you are looking to install new sprinkler systems in your home garden or you need some drip irrigation piping repaired, your needs should guide the conversation. Seek to know how they intend to give you the solutions you are looking for. From the way they communicate their approach, you should be able to tell if they are actually good at what they do.

Consider Certification And Experience – Regardless of how your prospective Richmond irrigation technician portrays their expertise by word of mouth; do not forget asking for their qualifications. If one is from a reputable company, a staff ID should be enough. However, you might want to see proof of certification in case you are dealing with an individual contractor or handyman.  Take in to account the length of their career, as well.

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